Summary in English

In the late 19th century and early 20th century there where over 200 different cutlers in Eskilstuna (the knife capital of Sweden). The knife production was large during this period, with approximately 16 000 different models made. A large number of these knives where exported to America, Europe and Russia.

Both President Lyndon B. Johnson and President Dwight D. Eisenhower used  ”EKA” Eskilstuna knives that had their autographs etched on the scales.


Photo by Stig Öquist.

Old Eskilstuna knives have an interesting story to tell. On this web page, you can read more about Eskilstuna knives and see pictures of various models. In addition, I will provide information about different cutlers and the various models they made.

Pocket knivfe scales where made in many different variations using materials like: white bone, celluloid, ebony, buffalo, ivory, pearl, tortoise and metal.

By reading the tang stamp on the blades, you can tell which manufacturer made your knife and get a general idea of when it might have been produced. Look out for ”Eskilstuna” and ”Sweden”.  If you see those words then there is no question about it, You have got a bona fide Eskilstuna knife!

If you find the text ”Mora Sweden” on your knife, then the knife is from another Swedish district 166 miles north-west of Eskilstuna. As a curiosity, the founder of Mora Knives worked as a lumberjack in America before returning to Sweden and starting his company.  Knife making is still important in Mora, but that is another story.

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